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試試中文(Try Chinese)  试试简体中文(Simplified Chinese) Quiz for Today (7/22/2014)

Puzzle NumberPuzzle NameUpdate Date
Sudoku141 Sudoku Free Puzzle 1417/19/2014
Sudoku140 Sudoku Free Puzzle 1407/18/2014
Sudoku139 Sudoku Free Puzzle 1397/8/2014
Sudoku138 Sudoku Free Puzzle 1387/5/2014
Sudoku137 Sudoku Free Puzzle 1377/4/2014
Sudoku136 Sudoku Free Puzzle 1367/3/2014
Sudoku135 Sudoku Free Puzzle 1357/3/2014
Sudoku134 Sudoku Free Puzzle 1347/1/2014
Sudoku133 Sudoku Free Puzzle 1336/27/2014
Sudoku132 Sudoku Free Puzzle 1326/26/2014
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