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Puzzle NumberPuzzle NameUpdate Date
Misc035 Cut larger square only7/28/2017
Misc034 Combine 2 squares in one7/28/2017
Misc033 Dissect 2 Equilateral Triangles to Square7/28/2017
Misc031 Dissect Octagon to Square7/28/2017
Misc030 Dissect Equilateral Triangle to Square7/28/2017
Misc027 Cut a chain of 23 links 7/28/2017
Misc026 Can you draw a line to cross all the sides of all rectangles?7/28/2017
Misc025 Cut the board into 4 pieces to form a perface square 7/28/2017
Misc024 Cut the board into 4 pieces with same size and similar shape7/28/2017
Misc021 Cut 8 x 8 squares into 4 parts with 1, 2, 3, and 4 in each part7/28/2017
Misc020 Cut the board into 3 pieces and form a perfact square7/28/2017
Misc018 Cut each 6 x 6 squares into 2 parts with a, b, c, d each7/28/2017
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