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Puzzle NumberPuzzle NameUpdate Date
Math069 Division puzzle with five 4s exposed7/11/2018
Math068 Division puzzle with five 7s exposed7/11/2018
Math066 Division Puzzle with 7, 8, 3, 6 exposed7/11/2018
Math065 All prime numbers multiplication7/11/2018
Math064 All odd number digits in the result7/11/2018
Math063 Alphabetic logic multiplication7/11/2018
Math062 3 digit numbers multiplication again7/11/2018
Math061 4 digit by 3 digits Multiplication7/11/2018
Math060 3 digit numbers multiplication7/11/2018
Math049 The numbers with three different digits7/11/2018
Math048 How far is it from Magic Kingdom to Epcot by water?7/11/2018
Math047 A small complete skeleton7/11/2018
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