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Geometry Puzzle Index
Puzzle NumberPuzzle NameDifficulty LevelVisit Count
Geom001 Which area is larger?1116664
Geom002 Which rectangular area is larger?148355
Geom003 Make a square from 13 units of square351820
Geom004 Make a square from 4 pieces of cardboard235673
Geom005 Make a square from 10 units of squares225987
Geom006 How many square feet is the area CDE?122000
Geom007 What is the perimeter of the 5 circles?122111
Geom008 How many square inches are in the shaded areas?118212
Geom009 What is the total length of the curve?117052
Geom010 What is the area of the polygon?020621
Geom011 How many square inches are in the shaded areas of the trapezoid?116130
Geom012 How many square inches are in the shaded areas within 5 circles?217386
Geom013 How many cubes do not have any red color?120519
Geom014 4 quarter circumferences tangented at the center of a square.215005
Geom015 Compare the triangle areas220227
Geom016 How big is the shaded area?115512
Geom017 How long is the rubber band?219214
Geom018 How many square cm are in the shaded area?113490
Geom019 How many square meters are in the shaded area?113445
Geom020 How big is the shaded area EFGH?337830
Geom021 How many degrees is the total of all the sharp angles?213623
Geom022 Cut into 2 peices to form a square211723
Geom023 Cut into 4 pieces to form a square312572
Geom024 A special triangle315824
Geom025 How big is quadrilateral DBEF?212371
Geom026 Which triangle has the largest perimeter?210720
Geom027 Make the largest area using 4 cardboards111386
Geom028 Unique and Interesting Triangle2492