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Math Puzzle Index
Puzzle NumberPuzzle NameDifficulty LevelVisit Count
Math001 Send more money!2139034
Math002 A to I are 1 to 9277466
Math003 A strange 5 digit number266360
Math004 Squares of 5 consecutive integers241145
Math005 Odd numbers on the left and even numbers on the the right153553
Math006 Use from 1 to 9 to Make 100240013
Math007 Three 5s to make a target number 1134384
Math008 What are A and C?138063
Math009 Use the same number 3 times236495
Math010 Nine 4s to make it 2000229620
Math011 Five 5s to make it 100227987
Math012 Six 6s to make it 100245327
Math013 Which formula is different from others?225231
Math014 Three equal products125141
Math015 Two Products with the same result number120076
Math016 Three divisions with the same result number118246
Math017 Fill in numbers 1 to 9032316
Math018 Reverse 5 digit number by multiplying 4228162
Math019 Plug in + - x to make the resulting number 100 (1)123743
Math020 Sum of 4 Squares is a square of a number226923
Math021 Sum of 4 Squares is a square of 85214443
Math022 It was a saw218044
Math023 OOOPS215144
Math024 Reverse the digit sequence by multuplying 7316214
Math025 The Cubes of 3 consecutive numbers211550
Math026 Five 3s to make a target number 37211046
Math027 Fill in numbers to make equal products210647
Math028 The numbers between 8 and 8210294
Math029 Five 5s to make 55 ?211527
Math030 How much should John and Joe get?211065
Math031 What's wrong with the clock?212027
Math032 Where are the shots?210654
Math033 Squares magic212060
Math034 10 digit number which can be divided by 11311613
Math035 From 1 to 9 to make a multiplication417240
Math036 From 0 to 9 to make a multiplication310917
Math037 Make the sum of each face the same210563
Math038 Factors made multiplication29646
Math039 Multiplication letters from A to I29561
Math040 WRONG + WRONG = RIGHT213774
Math041 The slogan of a pilot210432
Math042 MEATS, the result of multiplication29388
Math043 Lonely 7312586
Math044 Lonely 829637
Math045 A complete skeleton with decimal point29449
Math046 A large complete skeleton28467
Math047 A small complete skeleton28120
Math048 How far is it from Magic Kingdom to Epcot by water?29019
Math049 The numbers with three different digits28153
Math050 Amazing 9 digit number413784